Be Tenerife is a travel experience company that owns 6 boutique accommodations
in the most exclusive area of the north coast of Tenerife

We offer our guests the opportunity to discover, in a very personalized way, what makes Tenerife so different. And especially the North, as rich and diverse as it is unknown.
Travelling with Be Tenerife is a lot more than just travelling. It is feeling the island.

”Tenerife and top- end have rarely belonged in the same Google search — del Hoyo is changing all that”

Paul Richardson – Financial Times journalyst

About us

Our founders Alberto G. Dorner and his sons, Kay and Carlos are locals, from the island, as is their whole family. In 2016, after decades away, Kay returned to Tenerife with his family to manage and further develop the AD Alberto Dorner project, always improving our guests’ experience and continuously giving back to the local community.

Our project

We love Tenerife, the incredible nature, its people and our way of life. This way of life is very low pace and humble, but it brings joy to the people, ties the community together and ensures a future in which you still help your neighbours, greet people on the street and take care of the natural environment. It is imperative to have a long-term plan to protect it. This is why we created our community involved hospitality project.

Our commitment

We are committed to help preserve the local culture and traditional ways of life, and to ensure the survival of the local community, protecting it from mass tourism. We foster sustainable hospitality, with less visitors, who are more involved and interested in the island and its people, who are respectful with the local traditions and ways of life.

We also involve our community, which we do by hiring local staff, buying local products and contracting our services in town.


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